Franchise FAQs

There are three levels of success to be achieved in our system. The You'll Say Wow franchise lets you choose which level you want to achieve.

Level 1: You clean carpets.

At this level you are a one man, one van operation. You take the bookings and you clean the carpets. Some people find this level rewarding and do not progress past it. You will see in future discussions the level of remuneration and the simplicity of operation are very attractive and is why some franchisees happily stay at level one. You'll Say Wow head office think this is like buying a big farm and only ploughing one paddock. We actively seek people who want more than level one from their business.

Level 2: You manage, others clean carpets.

At some stage in your business, if you follow the system, you will grow to a point where you need help getting the jobs done. If you intend to progress past level 1 you start your first contractor. You still handle the overflow, which keeps your cash flow at the necessary levels to fund your growth. This frees up some of your time to do more of the managing, working on your business not in it. We call it finding carpets to clean instead of cleaning carpet. When handling the overflow becomes more like a full time job again, it’s time for your next contractor. You repeat this process as many times as the growth in your territory will allow.

Level 3: You Supervise your supervisor.

You will get to a point where your business is big enough to support you without your direct input. This is real lifestyle decision time. Your business is now an investment offering return on your capital independent of your effort. Get your desired level of income whether you are there or not. Your input is only required when your supervisor needs it.

Our system has already provided several franchisees with the vehicle to take them from carpet cleaner to supervisor. There are two Franchisees poised to progress to level 3 in the near future.

Our purpose at You'll Say Wow Franchise Support is to help you build your business. We have a plan to get your business to a 4 contractor business in 5 years. At this level you get to make some exciting decisions you could not have made while working for someone else. We can help you work out where you want to take it for the 5 years after that.

We know we have a great opportunity. Several existing Franchisees are proof of this. We are looking for the right people to join us and help us achieve our mutual goals.

Should you wish to progress our discussions further, a model of indicative incomes for each level can be provided. At this stage it will also be possible to talk to Franchisees enjoying life at the different levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do I get for my money?

You get an effective cleaning system and exclusive products which deliver great results. You receive training, technical support and on going research and development of the products and cleaning system. You get an exclusive territory. You have access to all of the You'll Say Wow marketing strategies. You will have the option to take part in any new service that is developed for the You'll Say Wow business network. There are many on the drawing board and several we still haven’t thought of!!!

Why is a You'll Say Wow Franchise successful no matter how many carpet cleaners already exist in your Territory?

You'll Say Wow has several unique points of difference which makes us stand out from the crowd. We have proven marketing strategies which create jobs in your territory as soon as you implement them.

Residential, commercial and Real Estate Customers make a choice when they choose carpet cleaning. You will read below how our marketing describes our unique advantages, qualifies our target customer and gives them sufficient reason to choose us.

As our discussions progress we will show you why it makes no difference how many other people are in the market vying for a share of the carpet cleaning pie. We are successful at attracting and keeping as much of it as we need to grow a successful business. We are not saying that you can’t fail. The fact is some have! What we are saying is; follow the system, do a great job every time to achieve a high ratio of repeat and referral customers, apply yourself professionally and enthusiastically and you will build a rewarding business.

The franchise system is only part of the formula. The “YOU” factor is also extremely significant. We don’t under estimate this and urge you to have an honest look at yourself. Can you provide the effort, patience, perseverance and working capital that is required to make the system work?

If there are a lot of carpet cleaners in my area, won’t that affect my margins?

No! That has not been our experience. There are two distinct ends to the carpet cleaning market, the top and bottom. 80% of the carpet cleaners operate at the bottom end. They don’t know how to market their service or how to differentiate themselves, consequently they compete on price. At low prices they have to do a lot of jobs in a day, they rush, cut corners and lose customers. They have to keep attracting new customers and the only strategy they know is price. They are locked in a self defeating poverty cycle. You'll Say Wow charge the appropriate price for our quality service ensuring our clients get value thus generating high levels of repeat and referral business.

What would happen to my business if someone else developed products as good as the exclusive You'll Say Wow ones?

The reality is that not much would change. We will still tell our story of quality and value. We will continue to meet the expectations we set. We will still attract new business on this basis and we will still do a great job which will continue to generate repeat and referral business. The exclusive products help us achieve a great result and they will continue to do so even if someone else has something similar. Back in 1990 You'll Say Wow were the only company that could remove red cordial stains. When another company produced a rival product and made it available to the Carpet Cleaning industry we saw only a very few businesses across the country start to use it. Why? We don’t know for sure but the point is we did not lose our market leading status in stain removal and now we use both methods to our advantage.


These are some of the most often asked questions and their answers. You will probably have some more when you have finished reading. Please contact us if you would like some more information or are ready to progress to the next stage of your enquiry.