Stain Removal in NZ

Stain removal in NZAt You'll Say Wow we have developed our own exclusive carpet, rug and upholstery steam cleaning and stain removal products. They are exclusive to You'll Say Wow and they allow us to clean and remove stains and heavy soiling most carpet cleaners consider to be permanent.

We have a specialised stain removal team and regularly remove difficult stains like: Cordial, ink, dye, grease, coffee, tea, red wine, oil, furniture stains, food colour, medicine, pet urine, faeces, vomit, coke, fanta, make up, nail polish, paint, and many more. We remove most stains, and provide specialised treatments to remove the stains others leave behind.

We are a professional organisation providing stain removal and carpet cleaning services to our clients in their home and commercial premises at a fair price. We guarantee our skilled technicians’ attention to detail and use of top quality products will provide you with the best results possible.

There are some stains you may be able to remove yourself, make sure you download our Stain Chart and check out our Carpet and Rug Cleaning Advice section. You will find listed there some handy stain removal products often found around the home and a few tips to keep you out of trouble.

If you are unable to fix a spill yourself, call You'll Say Wow for some professional help. We can remove most stains even after they have set. 

Our team of professional stain removal specialists are available around New Zealand so feel free to call us on 0800 SAY WOW - 0800 729 969.