Tile and Grout Cleaning

You'll Say Wow tile and grout cleaning service is designed to take over where mopping leaves off. Even with the most fastidious attention to mopping some dirt is deposited in the grout lines every time you mop. The grout lines are lower than the tiled surface, virtually assuring some of the cleaning slurry is deposited in these low points. Over time this builds up until your grout is obviously soiled and not responding to your routine clean.

Our tile and grout cleaning service overcomes this problem by extracting the dirty water in the cleaning process.

Tile cleaning Canberra - You'll Say Wow

Here’s what we do to make sure your tiles and grout are like new.

  1. Pre inspection to ensure your grout is in good condition. We need to make sure your grout is stable prior to applying our pressure cleaning process. Loose and flaky grout may be dislodged leaving an unsightly and unwanted outcome.
  2. Pre spray with appropriate tile cleaning product. Different problems require different cleaning solutions.
  3. Agitate or scrub grout lines to ensure all dirt is emulsified ready to be extracted.
  4. Clean and extract using high pressure, hot water and extraction.
  5. Rinse using clean hot water and extraction.

When do you need our Tile and Grout Cleaning service?

  1. When you become dissatisfied with the results from your routine cleaning.
  2. When you have a large enough area that mopping becomes impractical.
  3. When you have a job you don’t want to do yourself.


Does the pressure or hot water damage my tiles?

No the process will not damage your tiles. It can remove/dislodge damaged grout but it will not be the cause of this damage. If your grout is in good condition neither the temperature nor the pressure will be a problem. Our tile and grout cleaning is completely safe on all ceramic tiles. Some natural unsealed stones like Marble and Terracotta may require a specialised process. A pre inspection to establish the condition of your grout and the type of tile is a must prior to any tile and grout clean.

How wet will my tiles be after the job?

Because the water is extracted your tiles will be dry upon completion. Some textured tiles like slate or tiles laid unevenly may break the suction which may leave small amounts of clean surface water which can be wiped dry easily or left to dry naturally.

How often should I have my tiles professionally cleaned?

This depends on usage and environment. It will be different for every situation. Basically it will be when mopping becomes ineffective and you are no longer happy with the outcome. You should not let the grout become too heavily soiled as this will affect the price per sq mtr. Very difficult jobs can take up to 4 times longer than a straight forward restorative clean especially if scrubbing of all or most of the grout lines becomes necessary.

Is it affective for shower and bathroom floor and wall tiles?

Yes it is! The process is affective in showers and bathrooms. Some specialised equipment is needed to clean corners and tight areas such as shower bases and your local You'll Say Wow may not offer this service. Please make sure you ask.