Water Damage Restoration

When things go wrong you need someone who knows what they are doing. There is a misconception among the public and some water restoration providers that sucking up the water and leaving it to dry is an acceptable practice. This is wrong and potentially very expensive and dangerous!

A professional Water Damage Restoration Technician knows this is incorrect. It is the worst thing for your carpet and other valuable contents and ultimately a potential hazard to your health.

Water Damage Restoration Canberra, Water Damage CanberraThere is an International standard known as The S500 which provides the rules and regulations for restoring water damaged property. In our opinion the most important reason the standard exists is to educate and regulate the industry because of the high risk of permanent damage and serious health risks associated with an inappropriate restoration process.

In essence, it is there to protect you. It is not reasonable to expect you to know about water damage restoration or the S500. Unfortunately our industry is not regulated so how does the S500 protect you?

IICRC is an internationally recognised industry body representing best practice. The IICRC trains people in our industry to the standard. You'll Say Wow technicians undergo the IICRC Water Damage Restoration course. Now you don't have to know what's in the S500, you just have to find an IICRC Certified technician to know the job will be done correctly.

A professional will:

A. Make it safe. Electricty and water don't mix!! Water creates slip hazards, lifted carpet creates trip hazards and contaminated or mouldy carpet can make you sick.

B. Categorise the Loss. There are 3 categories for water damage. How it is categorised by someone who knows what they are doing will determine if and how the situation will be remedied.

C. Calculate the time and equipment needed to restore the carpet in the appropriate safe time frame.

D. Decide the appropriate type of drying method.

E. Proceed with the restoration in a safe and professional way.

One of the problems we face is, that, this correct procedure is more expensive than the "Suck it and hope" strategy and clients are tempted by the cheapest option. Unfortunately the potential for permanent damage to your carpet and other contents is great and not always immediately apparent. Additionally bacteria, mould and other nasties grow in the "sweating" underlay and sub floor causing a terrible smell and a considerable health hazard if left unchecked. In most cases this secondary damage sets in just after you think you got away with the cheap option!!

These problems are avoided when the job is done properly. With the hire of drying equipment including dehumidifiers and air movers over 3 to 4 days and several hours of labour etc, the bill can run into $100s per room effected. This is why we always recommend our clients have good Building and Contents insurance.

Building and Contents insurance is relatively inexpensive and in most cases covers you for the other damage the water can do such as the damage to your ceiling, walls and other belongings. This extensive damage is common when a pipe bursts in your roof. In these instances the damages can run into the tens of thousands. We are not insurance professionals so please seek the advice of an Insurance Professional prior to making any decisions and remember just like Water Damage Restoration Technicians, not all policies are equal.

Here's hoping you never need these services but if you do please do not be tempted by the "suck it and hope" option. Call You'll Say Wow for professional advice and assistance.