Extremely Hard

Tips on Removing Fanta Stains

  1. If fresh dilute the affected area with cold water.
  2. Soak up with a colour fast towel and repeat as long as there is improvement.
  3. If stain persists apply a detergent/water solution(1 tspn detergent : 1 ltre of warm water) and blot dry.
  4. Repeat for as long as there is improvement.
  5. If stain persists apply an ammonia/water solution (1 part Cloudy Ammoniia : 15 parts cold water) and blot dry.
  6. Repeat for as long as there is improvement.
  7. If the stain persists or has set you will need professional help.

Further Treatment

You'll Say Wow have developed products that remove fanta stains from carpets, rugs, lounges and other upholstery. Our technicians remove stains just like these every day. Contact us to learn more.


For more helpful information, check out Say Wow's general stain removal advice before getting started.