Ink Stains Canberra, Stain Removal Canberra


Extremely Hard

Tips on Removing Ink Stains

  1. A fresh water soluble ink stain may respond to washing out with dish washing solution. (1 tspn: 1 ltr of warm water)
  2. If not responding, apply methylated spirits to the affected area.
  3. Blot dry with a colour fast towel and repeat while effective.
  4. You can try eucalyptus oil or dry cleaning fluid as well. Different inks respond to different cleaning agents.

Further Treatment

Ink is a tough stain to remove when dry. You'll Say Wow have developed products that can remove or improve ink stains on carpets, rugs, lounges and other upholstery. Contact us to learn more.


Be sure to read our general stain removal advice before proceeding.